About Our Initiative

Who are we?

We are a team of friendly and motivated young people who find joy in the process of learning, and wish to share their interest in studying. Our team consists of high school students, mostly ages 16 to 19.

Who are our pupils?

Our classes are aimed at children struggling with their studies in any way. Being students ourselves, we are able to put ourselves into our pupils' shoes. We are currently also partnered with Caritas and the Luxembourg Red Cross, and in collaboration with them, we support children from various families.

Our teaching methods

We are convinced that curiosity and self-confidence are the key to success, both in school and in life. Therefore, we are committed to building confidence in our students. We invest ourselves fully and help the children every week, at their home. We are also strong believers in communication. We are in constant contact with our pupils' parents, involving them in our plans if they wish to be partake in their child's progress. When parents agree to it, we also get in touch with the child's teacher to discuss their progress in order to make our sessions better fit in to their teaching schedule.


It's free! Everything we do, we do as a service to society, without any form of monetary incentive.